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Let’s watch some footy!

On this page you will find a list of AFL matches being played in Melbourne throughout the 2024 season that we currently have on offer. If your team does not appear in our list, please submit the form and let us know who you barrack for, we will then go through the fixture and add some games that we may be able to attend.

Our attendance at matches is reliant on adventurer interest as well as staff availability. We have a minimum of 3 adventurers per match, however if no one else signs up for a match and you still want to go, we can talk to you about 1:1 support to attend. Please let us know in the comments section of the form below.

Please registered now for any games you are wishing to see … you are not locked in at this stage.

AFL 2024 Season

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Tickets & Seating

Once we have enough people signed up to a match and its time to purchase tickets, we will reach out to you to confirm your place on the adventure. As soon as we have secured you a ticket you will be invoiced for the cost of that ticket and payment will be required within 2 weeks. If you have to cancel your place on the adventure after tickets have been purchased and we have a wait list for that match, you will be reimbursed the cost of your ticket. If we are unable to on-sell your ticket, unfortunately that will be at your expense.

Ticket prices are set by the AFL and vary depending on venue and seating position. Most of the adventurers in our groups have accessibility requirements so we purchase reserved seating and they generally in the mid-range price bracket where you can expect to pay approx $60 per ticket. If you have specific accessibility seating requirements and the venue has sold out of those particular seats then it may mean you cannot join us on that adventure … we hustle our best so this doesn’t happen.

Sometimes we sit up towards the top of the stadium grandstands and the height can be a little concerning for some adventurers. If you have vertigo or are afraid of heights please let us know in the comments section of the registration form so we can plan our seating accordingly.

We will do our best to purchase tickets for your chosen matches, however we cannot guarantee our success due to public demand and the AFL ticketing process.



  • All games that are played at Marvel Stadium we will travel by V/Line train from Bendigo station. The train ticket will be an out of pocket expense for you.
  • For games played at the MCG and outside of Melbourne City we will travel in the Adventure Bus. The cost for Adventure Bus travel is divided equally between participants and will come out of your NDIS funding.