Learn how to live independently

We have heard you … learning to cook and living your life as independently as possible is a high priority for you. Let’s do it together!

Each week we’ll go shopping and learn how to navigate the supermarket. With our purchased food items, it’s back to the Adventure House to make a new recipe. Some weeks it will be a lunch meal, others it may be a dinner, or even a sneaky dessert. You will learn how to use all different types of cooking appliances and utensils, as well as how to keep the kitchen clean, washing the dishes and making a menu plan for the following week. The menu will be curated by the group each week, ensuring everyone gets input into what we make.

There will be some weeks that we travel out by public transport into the community, and learn how to eat healthily off a menu, what to look out for and what items to avoid.

There will be opportunity to build your home living skills and use appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners and we’ll get out the good ol’ elbow grease to keep things spick and span. Making beds, dusting, putting out the rubbish and more … all of the things that you have to do to live outside of the family home will be on the program menu. But don’t worry, it will not be hard work, dancing while dusting is encouraged. 🙂

The program will also focus on learning the importance of money, how to budget, how to save, how to spend responsibly and banking.

Register your interest for our “I Can Do It” program and continue to build the skills for independent living.


Adventure details

When: Wednesday’s (weekly)
Time: 9:00am – 2:30pm
Travel: Adventure Bus
Age Group: 16+

NDIS Price
1:3 Rate –
$175 per week //  $4,025 per term
Please Note: Home pickup / drop off will incur an additional cost

Out of pocket expenses:
$15 contribution each week

I Can Do It is a program of support, which means we are holding a place for you on the program, and you are committing to join us every week for a full term (23 weeks). There are 2 terms a year (46 weeks in total), you can choose to join us for one or 2 terms

I Can Do It - Independent Living Skills

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