Teenz – Smash Room


Melbourne Outskirts

Let’s get smashing!

Ever wanted to smash a TV or a laptop without having to worry about the consequences? The Smash Room is a place where you throw on some overalls, grab a baseball bat and smash a range of items. It’s safe, fun and exciting!

Smashable items are provided, however you can bring your own things to smash as well!! Common sense applies here. If it’s unsafe or difficult to dispose, we can’t let you bring it in. No food, liquid, or bulky items. Also, no lithium batteries, so if you want to bring a laptop, please remove the battery first. Things that we allow you to bring are items such as beer bottles, jars, mirrors, plates, mugs, monitors, TV’s, keyboards, computers etc. You just need to let us know what you intend to bring so we can get it approved by the venue first.

Prices are $60 per person, which includes a huge selection of smashables (such as mugs, plates, glasses and more). Your entry fee also includes access to the UV table tennis area, arcade game machines and more.

Clean and sanitised safety clothing hire including overalls, a face shield, earplugs, and gloves are provided

So grab a bat, a crate of smashables and get ready to have some fun!

Adventure details

Date: Friday 12 July 2024 (School holidays)
Time: 10.30am – 4.30pm
Where: Keilor
Travel: Adventure Bus
Age Group: 13 – 19
NDIS Price (1:3): $145 + share of transport costs to Melbourne (approx $45 return)
Home pickup / drop off service will incur and additional cost.

Out of pocket expense:
– $60 Smash Room
– additional $ for lunch, or you can bring your own from home



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