Social Night – Back to the 70s & 80s


All Seasons Hotel

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Get ready for a social night that will have you grooving all night long!

You may well cringe at old photos of perms & mullets, flares & flouro colored nylons, but odds are that anyone that spent their teenage or twenty’s years through this time will have fond memories when you hear the music of ABBA, The Sweet, Devo, Brian Ferry, the Village People, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Buggles & even Rocky Horror or any of the one hit wonder bands that dominated these eras.

Melbourne party band “Back to the 70’s & 80’s” has forged a career from recycling all that was good (& bad) from this time where leg warmers & spandex, fingerless gloves & big hair ruled the day. Their aim is to remind us all, while paying homage with a hint of parody that we’re still not too old to have a good time & to show the younger crowd that there is more to music than monotonous beats & fist pumping, in fact many of the hits that sit in the charts these days are heavily sampled reworkings of songs from the 70’s & 80’s!

Remembering what a time it was! Discovering great pieces of clothing and of course discovering the music and searching for the perfect swatch watch, or just trying to figure out what was Willis talking’ about to worry about fashion or hairstyles. However that all changed when Video killed the radio star. The disco and retro eras had been born. We were seeing the wild and wacky costumes of that era all thanks to the power of MTV, countdown and other music shows. It was all about who could sing the highest and dress outrageously. This show has captured that period with not only the music but also with an array of costume changes depicting the said artists.

Get your boogie on to the best decades music has to offer! With hit’s from across the 70’s, and 80’s there’s guaranteed to be an array of tunes to groove away into the night with. It’s a night of fun not to be missed, with funky costumes favourable.

Adventurebilities will be booking a table for our guests to watch the show with dinner beforehand, so if you like music, dancing and hanging out with friends, then our Social Night is perfect for you.


Adventure details

Date: Friday 16 December 2022
Time: 7.00pm – 12.00pm
Where: All Seasons Hotel, Bendigo
Travel: Adventure Bus
Age Group: 18+

NDIS Price
1:3 Rate – $143   Home Pickup and Drop off will incur additional costs. 

Out of pocket expenses:
• Show Ticket = $40
• Spending money for dinner and drinks


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Social Night: Back to the 70s & 80s

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