A night at the movies – Blue Lock – Episode Nagi


Bendigo City Centre

“Blue Lock” follows the story of a revolutionary training program aimed at producing Japan’s next great soccer striker. After a humiliating defeat in the World Cup, the Japanese Football Union initiates the Blue Lock project. The concept is simple yet radical: gather 300 talented young strikers and isolate them in a facility where they will compete against each other. Their goal is to develop the ultimate striker who can lead Japan to international victory.

Please note: This session will be dubbed in English, not subtitled.

Adventure details

Date: Friday 28 June
Time: 5.00pm – 10.00pm
Where: Bendigo Cinemas
Travel: Adventure Bus
Age Group: 13+
Out of pocket expense:  $18 movie ticket + additional money for dinner and snacks (or you can bring some from home)

NDIS Price: $170 Home pickup / drop off service will incur and additional cost. 


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A Night at the Movies - Blue Lock (Anime)

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