Bendiball has arrived!

Bendiball is an exciting new sport for people living with disability, it combines Netball, Volleyball and Football skills.

Bendiball encourages ambulant team members with intellectual and/or physical disabilities to work side by side with players in wheelchairs to score points by tapping an oversized balloon through goals at either end of the court.

It’s fun, it’s face-paced and it is highly competitive.

Come and join the Bendiball League to practice your hand eye coordination skills and become a valued member of a competitive sports team.

This is a brand new sport so we are taking our time to fine tune the rules and ensure that it is as simple as possible for all-abilities to play. We plan to have a Come and Try Day so the community and see what its all about and have a go at it. Full details of the Come and Try Day will be announced soon.


Register your interest in the Bendiball League here


Please register your interest by completing the form below and we will be in contact with Come and Try Day details soon.



How to play

Each team has 4 players. 2 are seated in wheelchairs either self propelled or pushed by a team member and 2 are ambulant players.

The court is divided into 3 sections. Centre court has 2 players from each team, and each goal end has one player from each team, a forward and a defender. Only the forward can score goals so the centre court players must maneuver the balloon into the goal end so the forward can score. Players are rotated throughout the match so each player gets a turn in the centre court and at the goal end.

All players are only allowed to move at the equivalent of walking speed (10km per hour) and no contact is allowed. Contact with another player is immediately awarded a penalty.

Holding the balloon is not allowed, continual tapping in the air is ok as this allows the defending player the opportunity to steal the balloon.

Various points are scored when the balloon is tapped through the goal posts.


See Bendiball in action …